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Sage Pastel Xpress

by Sage Pastel

          Sage Pastel Xpress: an intuitive accounting software solution for small businesses

Download the Sage Pastel Xpress Brochure here.


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Does your business have basic accounting needs?

          Then Sage Pastel Xpress accounting software is perfect for you – regardless of whether you own a small or large business. Sage Pastel Xpress automates common business processes, which makes the product easy to learn and use – enabling you to manage numbers with ease and confidence. And as your business grows, there are add-on modules that increase the functionality of this accounting software – all at the click of a button!


Is this the right product for you?

          Pastel Xpress is an accounting software for small business that has been developed with your specific business environment in mind. It  includes only the features that you need, without limiting you as your business starts to grow. The Xpress small business accounting software comes with a single user and unlimited company licence, with the ability to purchase up to 3 additional user licences. You’ll be able to securely store 5 years of transactional data while being able to process the current, as well as previous, financial years. You are able to create a maximum of 30 cash books, and the inclusion of a General Ledger goes without saying.

  • Create your company in minutes with our customizable template
  • Easily create, manage and customize invoices, quotes and purchase orders
  • Effectively create and manage customers and suppliers
  • Track your inventory in as much detail as you’d like
  • View business-critical information at a glance
  • Quickly perform common task with our intuitive interface
  • Add extra modules as and when your business needs them

          If you would like to know more about Sage Pastel Xpress, please call us on 1300 720 806.  Alternatively you can complete our online form here and one of our team members will be in contact with you within 24 hours.


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