Sage Pastel Evolution Premium Overview                                                     Add-On Modules

Conduct business across multiple currencies with Sage Pastel Evolution Premium’s Multi-Currency Module

          It’s business as usual when dealing with foreign customers and suppliers with Sage Pastel Evolution Premium’s Multi-Currency add-on module. The Multi-Currency module can process in 30 currencies and allows you to define a currency for each customer, supplier and bank account. This module is fully Euro compliant and supports European Union processing.


Sage Pastel Evolution Premium’s Multi-Currency module includes the following capabilities:

  • Process in up to 30 currencies
  • Set up to 3 decimal digits per currency
  • Use up to three characters per currency symbol.
  • Create foreign currency customers & suppliers and produce statements and remittances in the customer’s /supplier’s
  • Invoice foreign currency customers / suppliers in their currency, and view and print invoices in your home currency, or in
    the customer’s /supplier’s currency.
  • Produce price lists in any currency.
  • Create foreign currency bank accounts / cash books, and process these accounts in their own currencies.
  • Create and update exchange rate tables for each currency at any time.
  • Produce financial statements and other reports in any currency.
  • Levy tax on foreign currency transactions if necessary.
  • Revalue foreign currency balances at any time. In this function, the system will use the difference between the exchange
    rate in the original transaction and the exchange rate in the payment transaction to calculate the foreign exchange profit
    or loss. The system creates transactions in the General Ledger to reflect the profit or loss.

          To know more about Sage Pastel Evolution Premium Multi-Currency Module, you can download the brochure here.