Sage Pastel Evolution Premium Overview                                                     Add-On Modules

Delivery Management

          Businesses that manage large items or quantities of inventory items from invoicing to on premise deliveries can now easily manage their processes from dispatch to the customer. The Delivery module seamlessly integrates into Sage Evolution’s Retail Point of Sale, Invoicing and Sales Order modules allowing for items to be flagged for collection or delivery at time of sale. All items flagged as delivery are updated electronically into the Delivery module where the warehouse manager can then control the dispatching of inventory.


Main features in Sage Evolution Delivery Management

  • The management of Inventory deliveries.
  • Confirm partial deliveries and cancel deliveries.
  • Search by invoice number, delivery method, item code or description.
  • Generate delivery notes and re-print delivery notes.
  • Generate reports on outstanding, partial and completed deliveries.
  • Automatic delivery note sequence.
  • Delivery note enquiries.

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