Sage Pastel Evolution Premium Overview                                                     Add-On Modules

Bill of Materials and Kit Item Codes

          Together with the Inventory module, the Sage Pastel Evolution Premium Bill of Materials module gives you access to two related functions: Bill of Materials and Kit Item Codes. With the Bill of Materials module, you can build, assemble, or manufacture any inventory item using other inventory items as parts or components. The Kit Item Codes allow for the specification of one code on an invoice, and the system leads multiple invoice lines that can include inventory items and remark lines. You can also create Bills of Materials or Kit Item Codes with an unlimited number of components.

          Up to three non-inventory additional costs associated with the Bill of Materials can be created, for example, labour, freight and overhead costs, per Bill of Material. When you manufacture you can remove component items and create manufactured items.


Reporting for the Bill of Materials module includes:

          Since Sage Pastel’s POS system is fully integrated, POS will make use of the security controls within Sage Pastel Accounting, as well as allow you to assign access per user in POS.

  • An audit trail
  • Material requirements to determine whether there are sufficient components on hand to manufacture
  • Components used in Bill of Materials / Kit Item Codes to track inventory items (components) allocated to a finished inventory item (manufactured product)

          To know more about Sage Pastel Evolution Premium Bill of Materials Module, you can download the brochure here.