Current Users can log in to view their EDI Orders Received and Invoices sent via this link:


revised          Crest.ET is a standard application and service that allows for transactions to appear and leave your order processing systems, to and from trading partners, electronically and automatically.

          Transactions to and from your system and theirs. Crest.ET is genuinely point to point, system to system, with no web portals and no re-entry.

          From the point an order is placed in a customer’s system there will be no intervention by users until after the order has been successfully entered into the supplier’s system. All the user then has to do is despatch the relevant goods or services.

          Once the invoice is live, Crest.ET collects this and then delivers it to the customer electronically and automatically, receiving an electronic acknowledgment from the customer.

  • Receive Orders directly into your system
  • Send Invoices straight to your customers systems
  • Send Shipping Instructions directly to freight companies
  • Send Purchase Orders directly to supplier’s systems
  • Implement your own Electronic Trading strategy
  • No Big developments, standardized software
  • Connect to both EDI enabled and non-EDI enabled trading partners.
  • Communicate between Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Evolution, Myob and QuickBooks – Please contact us to check actual version compatibility or to enquire about interfacing with other accounting systems‏.
  • View orders received and invoices electronically sent via the Crest.ET Web Manager Login.  Viewable on PC, Tablet and Mobile devices.crestet1


          The Crest.ET desktop application allows you to see the orders downloaded from the Hub and view the equivalent order loaded into your accounting system. You can also view invoices sent, manage product code and warehouse code settings such as cross-reference tables where the customer or supplier’s product code is different to yours.



          Crest.ET provides the facilities to expand your electronic trading capability to most trading partners, providing massive cost benefits. Crest Software Solutions partner with you to provide as much coverage as is possible.


Managed Transactions

          Crest.ET manages the transaction both ways. We take care of the transaction whilst it is transmitted. If there is a problem, maybe a code that doesn’t match, we don’t stop the transaction and send you an unintelligible message, we process to a point and then email alert you that a transaction needs attention.


Intelligent AlertsEDI

          Any transaction that requires your attention is alerted to you with
detailed and easy to understand emails. Crest.ET is designed to be intelligent. If a code is wrong, it will tell you which code and even suggest solutions, rather than giving you a computer generated error or exception report. Crest.ET is designed to understand the business processes involved.


Crest.ET Hub Management

Click Here to see Crest.ET Hub

          Crest Software Solutions maintain management over the transactions as they process through the system, and likewise we provide facilities for you to manage standing data for the processing of transactions.

          Our service includes management of your transactions. Therefore, if for example, an order cannot process because there is a new branch we all missed, Crest Software Solutions do not simply reject the transaction—we deal with it, in a timely manner and ‘get the job done’.

          An online system will provide you with access to:

  • Original records of all transactions
  • Acknowledgement information
  • Product maintenance
  • Customer Product Codes
  • Location Management (Branch Information)
  • Account Code Management
  • Sales Analysis features.


Working without Traditional EDI

          Due to the way in which Crest.ET operates, it does mean that if two trading partners operate with Crest.ET they are able to transact without the need for complicated EDI documentation.

          Therefore, if a customer creates a purchase order, which uploads directly to the Crest Hub, the supplier’s system will automatically collect this order and download it directly into their system. Likewise, once the invoice has been produced it can communicate automatically straight back to the customers system.

          In this scenario there is no need for complex “traditional” EDI document files, as trading is directly through the Hub. Crest Software Solutions will actively work with you to develop this arrangement for you and provide the cost benefits associated.

          If you would like to know more about CREST.ET, please call us on 1300 720 806.  Alternatively you can complete our online form here and one of our team members will be in contact with you within 24 hours.